Kollur Mookambika Temple

Mookambika Temple

Mookambika temple was located on the banks of holy river Sauparni in Kollur, Udpi district of Karnataka. This temple is situated in the pleasant atmosphere of Western Ghats, where greenery can be seen in the vicinity of this temple. The principal deity here is goddess Mookambika.  It is considered to be one among the seven Muktisalas of Karnataka. All Muktisalas were said to be constructed by Parasurama, on the land that is recovered from Samudra.

Legend of Mookambika Temple

The historical backdrop of this sanctuary goes back to about 1200 years. One of the sources say that, there existed a savage devil here with the name Kaumasura. He led strict repentance for Lord Shiva’s appearance, his diligent work imagined as mammoth power conceded to him. Since he is Asura his malicious goals continued as before. Imagining that he is the incomparable power, he focused on annoying and murdering of a few Devathas. Devathas were vulnerable for this situation inferable from extraordinary forces rested in Kaumasura. Now of time, a news achieved Devathas that Kaumasura will kick the bucket. On hearing this Kaumasura was startled, in this way he led another repentance for Shiva’s nearness. Devathas expected that if his atonement will go effective again this time, then there would be zero chance of killing him. On getting fulfillment with Kaumasura’s penace, Shiva showed up by and by and he requested that Kaumasura express his desire.

You can find more information about temples history at swamirara.com


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