Nijapada Darshanam


Nijapada darshanam is a well known custom for which a large number of Vishnu lovers pack in the Tirupati sanctuary. This darshan is consecrated and said to invalidate all the malefic impacts of planets. The pada darshan of The Lord can delete disease and favor the lovers with flourishing and favorable luck. In any case, the fans must have confidence and dedication in their souls when they take darshan of the Lord’s lotus feet.

Tirupati sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh, is committed to Lord Venkateswara, who is said to be one of the different incarnations of Lord Vishnu. It is specified in different puranas and vedas that Lord Vishnu has incarnated incalculable circumstances to shield humanity from inconveniences and torments. At whatever point the torment and bad form have assumed control over the earth, the Lord has left His dwelling place free human race from the malicious occasions. Master Venkateswara’s incarnation was because of ascent of inconvenience for humanity too.

Tirupati Temple is one of the not very many sanctuaries which is devoted to this uncommon incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Any fan who takes darshan of Lord Venkateswara with confidence and commitment in the heart and gets Prasad, gets awesome fortune by the finesse of the Lord. Read more …


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