Surya Mantras – The Ideal Mantras To Build Your Future


Surya Mantras 

Sun god or Surya is among the significant gods worshiped by the Hindus. As the haziness of the universes is wiped out by the dawn, Surya additionally exiles the obscurity of obliviousness and awards opportunity. The Sun god is said to be the exemplification of all information. He is Lord Hanuman’s Guru. A portion of the approaching points of interest coming about because of the Surya Mantras droning incorporate vision change, cure of skin ailments, mental and physical prosperity, cure of ailments and long life.

Significance of Surya Mantras

Sun continually sparkles on earth and on this planet, there is nothing that can be disguised from him. He is named as Sarvati Sakshi Bhutam (The regularly watching observer to each event). It is likewise said that since Surya continues watching the general population’s deeds, the individuals who don’t indicate appreciation in their lives will encounter the fury of Surya. Thus, we should be thankful to each one of those individuals who helped us in any capacity, which is one of the straightforward methods for satisfying Surya.
Because of its high energy to restore the life on earth, Surya is viewed as the GOD in Hinduism and other couple of religions. Indeed, even the sanctuaries like Surya Narayana sanctuary situated in Andhra pradesh, Sun sanctuary in Odisha are built for the Sun God. Offering water to Surya is worked on amid the dawn time and in this procedure, the range of sun beams refract through water affecting us emphatically from make a beeline for toe.
This procedure phenomenally causes us in the scholarly upliftment of the individual and it additionally mirrors the change of his astuteness in the basic leadership, in assimilation, in vision, wonder and brilliance.
The sun-beams that is refracting through water of drink is a vital wellspring of excellence and force. The violet, green hues that are refracted from VIBGYOR of SUN are viewed as the rich wellsprings of hostile to bacterial vitality. The group of people is comprised of 5 things, space (aakash), fire (vitality), earth (prithvi), water (jal) and air (vayu) and the cure of all body illnesses is just among these 5 things and the beams of the rising sun are one of these things. By the utilization of these sun beams, numerous maladies can be cured e.g. illnesses of the eyes, heart, sickness, jaundice and feeble personality.

Surya Mantra In Hindi

॥ ॐ ध्येयः सदा सवित्र मण्डल मध्यवर्ती नारायण सरसिजा सनसन्नि विष्टः
केयूरवान मकरकुण्डलवान किरीटी हारी हिरण्मय वपुर धृतशंख चक्रः ॥

ॐ मित्राय नमः।
ॐ रवये नमः।
ॐ सूर्याय नमः।
ॐ भानवे नमः।
ॐ खगाय नमः।
ॐ पुषणे नमः।
ॐ हिरण्यगर्भाय नमः।
ॐ मरीचये नमः।
ॐ आदित्याय नमः।
ॐ सवित्रे नमः।
ॐ अर्काय नमः।
ॐ भास्कराय नमः।
ॐ श्रीसवित्रसूर्यनारायणाय नमः।

॥ आदित्यस्य नमस्कारन् ये कुर्वन्ति दिने दिने
आयुः प्रज्ञा बलम् वीर्यम् तेजस्तेशान् च जायते ॥

Surya Mantra in English

  • Om Mitraya Namaha (Salutation to the friend of everyone)
  • Om Ravaye Namaha (Salutation to the lustrous one)
  • Om Suryaya Namaha (Salutation to he who sets everything to activity)
  • Om Bhanave Namaha (Salutation to he who brightly illumines the earth)
  • Om Khagaya Namaha (Salutation to the one who travels swiftly in the sky)
  • Om Punshne Namaha (Salutation to the giver of nourishment to being)
  • Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha (Salutation to the golden womb or the primordial matter from which everything else emanated)
  • Om Marichaye Namaha (Salutation to the Lord of the Dawn)
  • Om Adityaya Namaha (Salutation to the son of Aditi, the cosmic Mother)
  • Om Savitre Namaha (Salutation to the Lord of Creation)
  • Om Arkaya Namaha (Salutation to the one who is the best one to be adored and worshipped)
  • Om Bhaskaraya Namaha (Salutation to he who illumines the external and the internal world)

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