Essay on Parrot


The essay on parrot is Very colourful and wonderful winged animal. It has red bended mouth and solid legs that end with four toes. Its quills are green. Some of parrots have red quills at the best. There is a dark ring around the neck of it. It lives in the hollows of trees. It fabricates settle and lays its eggs in it. It eats grains, organic products, leaves, seeds and bubbled rice as well. It is attached to natural products, for example, mangoes, nuts, pears, etc.It flies quick and frequently flies in herds. Parrot s is a clever feathered creature. It can copy human voice. Many individuals prepare parrots to do great things.

Facts About Parrot

  • There are around 353 distinct types of these flawless, brilliantly feathered flying creatures on the planet.
  • All things considered, little pet parrots like budgies live around 10 years. Large pet parrots can live 80 years or much more!
  • Dark parrots are likewise called “jakos” or African Grays
  • In numerous types of parrots, the guys and females are indistinguishable – blood tests should be done to reveal to them separated.
  • African dim parrots, parakeets, Amazon parrots and macaws are the best at impersonating sounds. One African dark parrot named Alex could talk more than a hundred words and what’s more great is that he could comprehend those words.
  • Keas are huge, shrewd parrots that live in snow capped zones of New Zealand’s South Island. They are the world’s just snow capped parrot and are known for their inquisitive and some of the time shameless conduct close ski fields where they get a kick out of the chance to examine packs, take little things and harm autos.
  • The banner of Dominica includes the sisserou parrot.
  • The heaviest parrot on the planet is the Kakapoo – otherwise called the Night Parrot of Owl Parrot

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